Com’on and letsgo cuz Life is journeys?????

Our itinerary

Day 1:Flight: Rach Gia-Saigon-Bangkok-Krabi-Aonang

Day 2: Kohphiphi-Island Tour

Day 3: Around Koh phi phi-Viewpoint

Day 4: Krabi-Tiger Cave Temple-Emerald Pool-Hot Spring WaterFall

Day 5: Bangkok-Huahin-Santorini Park-Vanezua-The Venezia Hua Hin

Day 6: Bangkok-Chaktukchak-JJ Green-Fashion Mall

Day 7: Comeback Viet Nam


Day 1:

We take 3 transit: Rach Gia-HCM then HCM-BangKok finally Bangkok-Krabi ( from 12p.m to 6p.m next day)

We stay at @Balcony Party Hostel with 7 foreigners in 12-bed room and there is a funny PUB outside hostel;))) oh god, play all night and espcially they give us  free barbecue and ? cocktails for each one.

First day we just contemplate the beautiful scence of sunset and the night life at Ao Nang beach❤️


Day 2:
We get up early and take hot breakfast from oven at Seven-eleven quickly to go to harbour abt 15km far from Ao nang town.


It takes about 1 hour and a half  to go Koh Phi Phi by Ferry


then we come


We check in at @Up Hill Cottage 


 discover Phiphi at 2p.m with 1 tour accidentally.

Phi Phi islands is the most magnificient spot in South East Area!! Remember ‘The Beach’ film with @leonardodicarpio^^ Its wonderful and emerald water❤️

Snorkelling at Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island is awesome and some place we visit : Monkey beach, Viking Cave, Pikey Bay,Loh Samah Bay and Maya Bay.
Wow, every moment – it like paradise❤️


Day 3:
We start day with breakfast and swimming in the pool


go around islands to explore many attracting things.


The most thing that We regret is we have no time to go some islands near Kohphiphi like Phuket, koh Tao, koh Lipe  so we just play,swim and expose body to the sun in the Koh Phi Phi Don Beach♥

My friends are very tired and they refuse to trek to View Point Phi Phi( It Takes about 30 min)


Hence I just hike alone but when I make it to the top of the rock and overview all islands No words can needed:)))

I just take a deep breath,relax and enjoy every single moment, I think Life is wonderful and amazing when I start noticing its beauty and know conquering feeling …


After a long transfer by ferry, We come back to Ao Nang Town and play all night here 

Day 4:
we spend all day for exploring South Krabi , Klong Thom and book full one car all day for service (50km away from hostel).

Firstly we come to Tiger Cave Temple 



Then we go to Emerald Pool (also name Crystal Pool – Natural blue pool in Krabi, I make sure and sugguest you go there early in the morning so you can avaoid the tourists especially Chinese

we r so lucky to swim and take picture in very empty pool

What the wonderful day for me, the first time in my life I can see the natural blue pool in the middle of the jungle-no seaweeds, a few fishes, and very natural pool of emerald water♥

one thing special here that is wait for the bubbles on the surface of the water when u clap your hands



After that, we go to “Hot Spring WaterFall” Nice hot stream. A good place to swim and relax for entirely tired walking


__Day 5___

We have flight and come back Bangkok

we stay at @Bedoneblock , the boss is very cute and near the metro


We enjoy Bangkok’s life at night with fashion mall, chaktuchak market, JJ green market. thats so great

Day 6: Hua Hin

Tak bus and then tuk tuk for going around

@Santorini Huahin


Secondly is The Venezia Hua Hin45a712948f73612d386218e7182a85cd6b9332dc

Day 6: We go round Bangkok

Day 7:we take flight to come back VN

Thank you sincerely for reading my blog

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